The Knockout Program

The Knockout Program
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On The Knockout Podcast singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur shares his experience releasing new music independently without a record label, manager or booking agent along with a variety of guests.

Overcoming resistance 
More than just a musical release but a coaching program designed to show its operation in real time so it becomes a program that exists in reality as opposed to just theory 
Part coaching, part self help
Part team member

A kind of boxing gym for the artistic spirit
Where we get in the ring with you
You see our failures and successes 
And how we celebrate the successes 
And convert the failures into strengths 
No weapons formed against us will prosper

You get an inside view and insight to our project 
Along with exclusive content and coaching

But most importantly of all we help you unleash and pursue your own creative vision
We are in your corner when you are in the ring against resistance 
Whereby we become invested in your knockout punch

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The Knockout Program

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